Events at Abbey House


Events are often held in the grounds on Abbey House, providing a fun alternative to traditional theatre. Bring a chair, a blanket & a warm Thermos and enjoy the show late in to the evening!

‘Little Lily Harley’

Charlie Chaplin’s childhood in Lambeth. With a drunken but charismatic actor father who was rarely around & a beautiful young actress of a mother who had three children by different fathers, he had to learn along-side his big brother Sydney how to survive a very precarious existence. Sometimes fostered by other people, sometimes in a school for destitute children, sometimes separated from Sydney & sometimes living on the street (as a child!) he nevertheless managed to triumph over all this to become arguably the greatest film actor ever. Pete Talbot, the director, says, “When I wrote the play in 2019, I could not have known how apt it would be for today. The message of hope, triumph over pain, through the imagination and laughter, is really important for today.”

 Saturday 19th June at 7.30pm


The Spirit of Woodstock

Inspired by the ethos of the hippie, counterculture, and free festival movements, and still retaining remnants of these traditions.

Award winning Something Underground Theatre Company brings you it’s tribute to Woodstock ’69

“The Spirit of Woodstock” is a vibrant, dynamic, semi-immersive show staged on a scaff tower, where the solo performer (ironically) plays a huge cast, including many of the

400,000 “kids” that attended Woodstock ’69.


Friday 20th August time TBC



General events information

  • † Events list is subject to change
  • † Bring your own chairs and warm clothes. It can get cold
  • † The show is aimed at adults, but mature children will enjoy it
  • † Please do not bring babies. However much we love them, they do distract
  • † Quiet dogs are welcome; please take out dogs that want to join in
  • † We do not continue in heavy rain. If the show is cancelled before curtain up money will be refunded