Lunches at Abbey House

Lunches at Abbey House

We will open on the 16th March 2024.

Bookings are advisable to secure a table.

We serve lunch from midday and last orders are 3.30pm, 7 days a week.

We serve our fish specials alongside our light lunches.

We use only the freshest fish brought in from the local boats so these specials can change daily.

Light Lunches

Home made Fish Soup

An Abbey House special served with a roll

Caesar Salad

Add chicken

Crab Cakes

Homemade crab cakes served with salad and sweet chilli mayo

Hot Dorset Smokie

Flaked haddock in a cheese sauce, topped with parmesan. Served with a salad garnish and a roll

Abbotsbury Mushrooms

Button mushrooms in a rich Stilton cheese sauce, served with a salad garnish and roll 

Toasted Goats Cheese

With dried cranberries and pine nuts, served with a salad garnish and roll 

Mediterranean Flan

Feta, sun dried tomatoes and spinach in a light pastry case, served with a choice of salad or vegetables and new potatoes or chips

Local Crab Flan

Succulent crab and leeks in a light pastry case, served with a choice of salad or vegetables and new potatoes or chips



Fresh Local Crab Salad

Fresh hand picked crab from Portland (may contain shell) 


Fresh hand pick crab from Portland (may contain shell)

Prawn Salad

Succulent prawns with our homemade cocktail sauce

Smoked Salmon

Sliced smoked salmon with a crack of black pepper

Smoked Salmon Salad

slices of fresh smoked salmon

Prawns & Mayonnaise

Succulent prawns with creamy mayonnaise

Seafood Salad 

Fresh hand picked crab from Portland (may contain shell), succulent prawns and slices of fresh smoked salmon, with our homemade cocktail sauce 


Each served with a choice of chips, new potatoes or a freshly baked roll. 

Chicken, Lettuce & Mayonnaise

Roasted British chicken with a generous spread of mayo and mixed lettuce leaves